Dear Business Owner or Sales-Management Executive,

There are those sales your salespeople are bringing in…

You’re doing lots of things right…

Without a doubt, you’ve got a right to be proud of and happy about all that is being accomplished by your sales group under your leadership.

At the same time, in spite of all that's good, isn’t it more than just a little annoying that your salespeople weren’t able to bring in certain sales recently? (Especially when you know that your company was the right company and your product was the right product.)

Those sales were lost…and they should have been made and the money banked!

There’s the sales training, the sales process, the consultative selling, the need-building questioning, the closing techniques, the sales tools – there’s all this stuff – and sales people still fail to make the sale.

Understandably, no salesperson can win every sale. But, I don’t think that’s what’s bugging you…

I don’t think it was those missed sales that were a gamble to begin with that’s bugging you…

I believe it’s those “slam dunk”, “in the bag”, “sure deal”, “walk in the park” kinds of lost sales that bug you even now.

Am I right?

If you were to reflect back on those opportunities of the recent past…think of that one opportunity – a sale that should have been made…and the salesperson lost it. Think of that other one…missed that one too…and that one really should have been “money in the bank”!

Probably, the sales person mostly followed the sales process. Probably, he or she asked good questions. Probably, he or she used their sales tools…

And yet, they didn’t make the sale – and, we both know why…

At the end of the day, in spite of everything you’ve provided, the salesperson wasn’t able to ACTIVATE, MAINTAIN, and CAPITALIZE on that deep, human-to-human connection that brings home the business.

This doesn’t mean they’re bad salespeople because they’re not. They’re good salespeople who want the best and who intend the best. And sometimes, there’s just that little “something” that seems to be missing in them…

You see it! You know it! You’re fully aware of it! In fact, if we were face to face right now, you’d probably be shaking your head “Yes!” and then you’d start telling me of recent examples.

And, if things stay as they are, there will be more “sure deal” sales that are lost in the near future.

Now, more than anyone else, you know just how much YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE THAT MONEY TOO!

So, LET me help you INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF GETTING THAT MONEY…and here’s how you can do that…

Invite me in for a short, three (3) hour session with you and your salespeople where I clearly and simply reveal how to persistently have that powerful, sales-inducing CHARISMA that causes prospects and customers to AWARD their business to YOUR salespeople.


This session is about "salesmanship" at the human-to-human level.

In this session, I will take your salespeople back to the very foundation of selling and AWAKEN them so they can REALLY connect with prospects and customers on a deep, irresistible, human level that wins them the business – beating out the competition.

And, you can rest comfortable knowing that this session will AUGMENT and ENHANCE whatever sales methodology, process, techniques, or tools they are currently using.

More precisely, what I have to share with your salespeople is the missing piece that will cause your processes, techniques, tools, etc. to begin working like they were supposed to have worked from the very beginning – but didn’t.

Just so you know, THIS IS NEW, DIFFERENT, AND REFRESHING. No matter how many sales books you’ve read, sales videos you’ve watched, or sales seminars you’ve attended, this is totally original material that will IMPROVE YOUR SALESPEOPLE’S SALES ABILITY right before your eyes.

For purpose of illustration, allow me to tell you a quick story… I remember calling on a certain business owner who I believed needed the services I was offering at that time in my life. This owner in turn invited several of his own sales people to sit in on the meeting with us. When all was said and done, I had a signed contract in hand and was heading for my car.

Just as I reached my car, one of the sales guys come running up to me and exclaimed these words:

What just happened? Before you got here, my boss was unhappy with his $800 per month service. Then, the two of you have a little conversation and the next thing I know, you’ve got my boss signing an annual contract at $8,000 per month contract for your services – 10 times what he was paying before – and he’s totally excited about it???

Well, that “What just happened?” part is what I’d like to reveal to your salespeople. Specifically, I’ve disassembled it and notated all the parts so that I can help your salespeople reassemble this sales-inducing charisma within themselves.

Ok, let me raise a question that may be going through your mind, "Is this Lane guy really good enough to put in front of my salespeople?"

Well, here's a man I've helped who's happy to tell you about both the good and the bad in me.  Take a look:

“I’ve privately masterminded with Lane for several years now. Over the course of that time, I’ve learned that when it comes to clerical-level details, somebody better check his work because he probably missed something.

That doesn’t matter to me though because I’ve also learned that when it comes to insight into making money, creating success, and creative-strategic thinking, there are few people who can operate and produce at the level that Lane does.

In fact, masterminding with Lane is like tapping into the brain-power of 3 – 4 people simultaneously.

Bluntly, Lane is one of my “secret weapons” and anyone who is able to get some of his brain-power directed towards them should consider themselves very fortunate indeed.”

-- Bill Bartmann, Self-Made Billionaire

So yes, just as you can see, I have weaknesses.  But, as you can also see, my strengths are such that maybe this is exactly what you're looking for.

Here's what someone else said about me:

“I was very impressed with Lane the first time I met him.  Lane comes across in a very friendly, non-confrontational manner.  In fact, Lane was able to get an appointment with me when I had turned down numerous overtures from other people in his field.  Lane just has a way with words and puts you at ease with his ability to communicate.  The result is that Lane is very good at getting in and working with people. 

In my opinion, when it comes to sales and business consulting, Lane is one of the best of the best.  Through time and experience, I’ve found that I can reliably count on Lane to bring me input, ideas, suggestions, and advice that improves my business.  Whether we’re discussing people, sales, or any other aspect of business, I consistently find that Lane cuts through all the muck and the clutter and gets down to the simple essence of what really is – and how to make it better.  Multiple times Lane has recognized and pointed out counter-intuitive and non-intuitive options that have benefited my business.

Bottom line, if there was ever a sales and business consultant that I don’t want talking to my competitors, Lane is the one.  Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that because Lane is a man of integrity that I can trust to always do what’s right and ethical.”  --

-- Jim Lane, Owner of A-Best Roofing

Having read these statements, has the question, "I wonder what my success story with Lane would be?" crossed your mind?

Now, this brings us to another question that may be going through your mind, “How much?

I think you’re really going to like my answer…

The answer is, “You decide how much this session is worth to you.” You invite me in for the three-hour session and at the end of our time together, you look inside yourself and you look inside your salespeople’s eyes and then you decide what this session is worth to you.

Now, quite possibly no one has ever made you an offer like this before. But, I can tell you that as crazy as it may sound, I’m completely comfortable leaving the determination of the session’s worth up to you. Why? It’s because I’ve already seen the shift take place in salespeople’s awareness and understanding over the three hours we'll share.

When we’re done, you’ll have seen the value for yourself, you’ll realize what a positive impact this will have on your salespeople and their results, and you’ll know exactly what you should pay me.

At this point, if you’re still with me, it’s probably because what I’ve described resonates with you – it rings true. If so, let’s have a quick conversation.  Let's have a quick, easy, no obligations conversation after which you can decide if it makes sense to work out a schedule and get me in front of your salespeople ASAP.

You can start this conversation by calling me directly:

(918) 851-0230

To your sales success,

PS: By all means, celebrate your sales accomplishments, achievements, and successes.  At the same time, let's invest three short hours to install sales-inducing charisma into your salespeople - that "salesmanship" kind of charisma - so that you have even more sales to celebrate.

PPS: If you're not sure yet, let these "10 Tips for Maximum Business Success" inspire you to start a conversation with me.